Applying For An Electrician School

If you want to become an electrician, you need to figure out first which electrician school can help you get ready for an apprenticeship. This is an important step and a pre-requisite in getting your electrician license. Fortunately, there are plenty of schools that offer Electrician courses and programs that you can choose from.

Becoming An Apprentice

After taking the pre-apprenticeship course, you will have to find someone who can sponsor your four-year apprenticeship. Once you have completed this step, you can go on and become a licensed electrician.


Before applying, you need to determine which area of expertise you would like to specialize in. Are you interested in home security systems, or are you more into communications? You also need to figure out what skills are needed for that area of study to determine which would be best for you. The field is very broad and there are several specializations under it. This is why some schools specialize in just one type of work; for example, a school for electrician specializing in industrial electronics, or a training program for those who want to become commercial electricians.

Pre-Apprenticeship In Community Colleges

If you live in Los Angeles, you can apply at community colleges such as the Los Angeles Trade Tech or at the Los Angeles Southwest College (LASC). The LA Trade Tech offers electrician classes under their Electronics Technology department and can help you land a job in different fields such as Information Technology and Electronic Communications. You can also apply at LASC, where they offer their Electronics course under their Business Department.

For those who live in Houston, you can apply for the Industrial Electricity program at Houston Community College. Their courses include electrical theory, electrical safety, electronic applications, and other requisites that can help you gain skills in industrial electricity.

Online Electrician School

In addition to community colleges and electrician trade schools, you can also take the classes you need online. If you prefer to stay at home or if you don’t live near electrician trade schools, the good news is that you can also find an electrician school online. There are basic degree programs all over the Web that can train you just as well as offline programs. The hands-on training required for electrician students may have to be done at a training center, but apart from that, the courses can be taken online.

Career Opportunities For An Electrician

After undergoing the necessary four-year training and certification needed, you can acquire your license after taking state examination and start working as an electrician.

Commercial electricians deal with large work responsibilities and are mostly found in hospitals, factories, schools, and shopping centers. Your duties would include installation, repair, and maintenance, as well as interpreting commercial blueprints.

Industrial electricians, from the name itself, spend time in an industrial environment such as factories and chemical plants. You will work with machinery and run electronic tests, install switches and outlets, oil motors, and replace damaged components.

Residential electricians may either work for a company or freelance, and their task is usually to visit homes for inspections, to repair appliances, and to install or replace the faulty wiring.