Choosing A Flight School – Three Reasons To Go Accelerated

Is your flight training goal to start a flying career? If so, an accelerated flight school may be just what you’re looking for. Imagine, if you will, learning to fly, starting with no experience, in a few short months and starting the aviation career you’re dreaming of rather than years of training once a week or less for the same thing. At the right flight school, this is easily possible, because accelerated training programs allow your training to progress faster, more efficiently, and save you money.

It takes less time

When it comes to professional flying, flight training is a more extended process of obtaining ratings. For the average person flying for fun or just personal transport, it can take years to obtain enough experience to qualify for a commercial certificate and that’s fine, but for the aspiring commercial pilot there is a better way. The secret is accelerated flight training, which is built on the concept of consolidating your flight training. You may find yourself flying 4 hours a day or more and spending even more hours in ground school, but it pays off in the end when you’re a fully qualified commercial pilot after only a few months.

It is more efficient

The real beauty of accelerated training is in its efficiency. Rather than lots of short lessons and plenty of repetition, accelerated training allows for longer flights with less repetition which means you’ll learn faster. Even better, typical flight training means students use airports close to their home airport, often just outside the minimum radius for cross-country flights. This may save money, but it limits the variation encountered during training flights. In accelerated training, longer flight times mean more variation of in-flight conditions and perhaps you can go farther away from the home airport, which means you’ll encounter different terrain, weather, and other things. This all adds up to excellent learning experience, not to mention a fair simulation of commercial flying.

It will save you money

The efficiency and time savings of accelerated flight training catches up when it comes time to pay. It may seem more expensive than heading to the local airport and learning over a longer period, but the truth is the longer it takes, the more it will cost you over the course of your training. Consolidating your training may cost more right now, but it could save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

Accelerated flight training, for the aspiring commercial pilot, really is the best value in flight training. There are many more benefits, such as guaranteed interviews or instructing jobs, but these three are the sure shots when it comes to accelerated programs. Worse comes to worse, you are still going to come out of the highest quality training, often modeled after the airlines themselves, with multiple ratings ready to fly in a very short amount of time.